How is a Mercedes key programmed

Merc key replacement

What you need to know about Mercedes keys

Mercedes has been manufacturing cars for many years. During that time, they have changed from older style ignition keys to the modern transponder chip key. These keys are a lot more difficult to make copies of and require specialised equipment in order to program them.

Mercedes keys programming

Mercedes key programming works through a transponder chip. This chip stores the secret access information which enables the car to start. This means that only a key programmed to each specific vehicle can be used to open and start it.

Mercedes has an electronic unit that holds the data of keys programmed. This unit is called immobilizer, which is connected to the car’s electrical system. The car will only start when the key in possession of the driver matches this secret data.

Therefore, a Mercedes key cannot be reprogrammed. As the key is solely programmed for one car, it is stuck with this car for life. Mercedes keys will never work in a different vehicle once they have been initially programmed.

What to do if you are having issues with your key?

Key Programming

If your key stops working completely it may be an issue with the transponder chip, which is not an easy issue to fix. However, an expert may be to use specialist diagnostic equipment to work out what the problem is.

If they are able to establish the issue with the transponder chip, they may be able to fix it so that it continues to work solely for your vehicle.

Key Replacement

If your key is lost or just stops working, the Mercedes dealership will replace it.

They will need to check the vehicle’s VIN number and will create a new key for you. Part of the service is programming this key so it works with your car.

Another option for Merc key replacement is is through a local locksmith. If there is not a Mercedes dealership close to your home, going to a locksmiths may be the easier option. They will be able to replace if for you there and then, which may mean you get it quicker than you would from a dealership.

Of course, as Mercedes keys only work for the one vehicle they are programme to, you will have to ensure that the locksmith is able to programme it for you.

Key Repair

If your Mercedes key is chipped, cracked or worn you may be unhappy with the way it looks. A locksmith will be able to repair it for you.

If you need a new key for your Mercedes

You can’t just go to a locksmith and have him copy your key. There is a process that must be followed in order for the transponder chip inside of the key to communicate with the vehicle.

The first step is to start out with a blank, unprogrammed Mercedes key shell. This shell will house the electronic components necessary for the key to communicate with the car. The shell is manufactured by Mercedes and then sent to a company that specializes in programming these keys.

The next step would be to program the blank key. An authorised Mercedes dealer has equipment that reads the transponder chip inside of the key, and then programmes it by sending a signal wirelessly from an antenna inside the dealership to the key. The computer within the dealership then receives information about what is needed to be programmed into the blank key, and then sends this information electronically to the chip inside of it.

The final step is for you to start your car with your newly programmed Mercedes key. Your key will be be officially programmed to your car once you insert it into the ignition.

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