Ensuring Effective Secondary Containment Via Bund Refurbishment

GRP Systems

The chemical and wastewater processing industry covers a range of sectors, from fuel production and storage to the refinement of chemicals and the purification of sewage and other byproducts.

The refurbishment of existing facilities – and in particular bunds – is a critical issue, particularly in regards to secondary containment.

According to Steve Bowen, managing director at Strandek, a specialists in bund repairs refurbishments and re-linings, many bunds lack adequate protection and degrade over time.

‘Most bunds have a low-quality finish that presents limited protection from the chemicals being stored in associated tanks and vessels. This can put them at risk of HSE enforcement.’

‘Accelerated aging and leaks or other stressors can damage the protective lining of the bund.  However, this can be overcome by regular assessment and an effective bund lining system.

Fibreglass (GRP) is an excellent all-round bund lining. Backed by a glass fibre reinforcement, it is combined with resins like polyester and other (depending on the chemicals) to form a composite structure. Applied to a concrete bund, fibreglass is like carbon fibre, but a fraction of the cost and more flexible. It is also chemically resistant and tolerates a broad range of liquids.

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