Caerphilly: Boy, 10, dies after dog attack

Caerphilly: Boy, 10, dies after dog attack

A 10-year old boy died after he was attacked by a dog.  He was shocked to learn of the incident. The street is located in the middle of a large housing development.

A few police cars remained parked at the other end of the road on Monday night. Gwent Police have been present in the area where they are continuing their investigation. We expect an update from them on how their investigation is going. The police have informed the public that they will be increasing their presence in the area as they continue their investigation.

However, they are not to be alarmed.  Yesterday evening, the road was closed off. I believe it was only temporary because the police continued their investigation. “I took our son to the local shop a few weeks ago and he was there then, lunging at me. “My son is three years of age and I had to pick him up to move the dog around because he was so big. “Dozens upon dozens of emergency vehicles were present on Monday.

Chief Mark Hobrough stated that officers will continue to be on the scene and will make further inquiries. It is possible that you will see ongoing police activity at Caerphilly as a part of this investigation.

He urged the public to not be alarmed and said: “If there are any concerns or information, please stop by and talk to us. “Member of Senedd (MS), Caerphilly Hefin David stated: “My thoughts tonight are for the families involved. I know that the tight-knit community will rally around and offer support. “South Wales East MS Natasha Asghar said: “My heart goes out for this little boy and his family from Caerphilly, who must be devastated by what’s happened today.

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