5 ways to refresh your garden fence

garden fence

With spring right around the corner, you’re likely thinking of ways to spruce up your garden after the winter months. As the sun begins to shine, your garden will come back to life and become an area that you can enjoy once more. When considering ways of freshening things up, one of the most impactful projects you can do is changing the fence within your garden. Whilst it is often a part of your garden that is forgotten about, focusing on this small detail can tie together the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

In this article, we’ve covered our top 5 ways to refresh your garden fence to create a space that you can love all year round!


  • Combine fencing with an existing wall

If you’re concerned over the lack of security and privacy that half-wall boundaries offer, consider installing fencing on the existing perimeter. Not only does this keep out prying eyes and foreign objects, but it could also create a contemporary look for your garden. 

Depending on the structural soundness of your existing wall and the materials that it is constructed from, there are several methods to mount your fencing on the wall to ensure a secure and seamless look. Combining this concept with a variety of fencing styles will ensure that you are able to create a design that suits your taste. 

  • Think outside the box

For smaller gardens, finding ways to make your outdoor space feel bigger can be challenging. On top of that, fencing that aims to provide security can often make you feel like you are being boxed in. A feeling of claustrophobia isn’t going to encourage you to spend more time outdoors! 

Instead, consider fencing that features gaps between the slats. This will make the garden feel more spacious by removing the boxed feel of continuous panels. The gaps in the fence will allow more light to enter your garden and give you a view of the greenery on the other side of your fence. For some, this may work better if your garden isn’t joined to the neighbouring property, however it is up to you and your neighbours to decide how much privacy you’d like to retain. 

  • Incorporate some colour or stay on trend

Painting your fence is the perfect way to make a temporary change to your garden. Choosing the right colour and style can completely transform the feeling of your outdoor space. For older, drab-looking fence panels a lick of paint can make them seem brand new. We’ve picked out some of our favourite style options that you could incorporate into your garden re-design.

  • Two-Tone: For a unique, yet on-trend approach to painting your fence, select a neutral colour that contrasts the shade of wood. Painting the lower half of your garden fence can create a fresh design that you’ll appreciate for years to come.
  • Black & grey: Choosing from these colour choices will give an ultra-modern feel to your outdoor area. Whilst many might be shocked by the idea of painting a fence panel black, it could transform your space into a trendy and vibrant aesthetic. With the right look in your garden, a black fence can make your greenery pop. Alternatively, mid to light grey tones are rising in popularity. Play around with different shades to find your favourite.
  • Pop of colour: If you’re looking for something really fresh and exciting, incorporating bright colours into your fence design will be eye-catching every time you enter the garden. Whether you stick with one colour or alternate between each fence slat, something bright and perky is sure to create some summer vibes.

  • Country cottage vibes

Rather than going for an ultra-modern look, why not settle into a cosy cottage vibe. Utilising woven willow twigs or bamboo sheets along your fencing can create a charming appeal. Combining these features with a selection of style choices throughout the rest of your garden can ensure that you are able to enjoy a gorgeous aesthetic throughout your outdoor space. 

  • Invest in a brand new fence

Nothing can feel more refreshing than replacing a fixture that has been overshadowing your garden for months or years. If your fence is hanging on by a thread after treacherous storms or abuse from footballs, now could be the time to give your garden some love. Urban Landscapes fencing has options to suit every garden. With a project that is designed and installed to your bespoke requirements, you can sit back and enjoy the process of creating your fresh new garden. With a range of high-quality materials to chose from and expert craftmanship, Urban Landscapes are your first choice for fencing.

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