Tips for packing and moving house

Moving house plan

When you’re packing, what do you actually need?

You may have been in your home for years but life can change quickly and moving house will be necessary at some point. When that time comes it is a sensible idea to think about packing as packing up all of your belongings is going to take a fair amount of time and energy.

Make a packing plan

Before packing up all of the breakables and valuables it is a good idea to make a packing plan. This can simply be a list on paper with each box and its contents written out and you may want to consider doing this in different stages. For example, if you are packing up your kitchen, you’ll need plates and glasses, packing these together makes sense.

Make sure you label boxes

When packing make sure you label everything, not just labeling contents but the room it is from. This will make unpacking much easier when you get to the over end.

Take stock of what you have

It is easy to forget what possessions are just laying around the house. So many of us have quite an attachment to our things that it can be difficult to categorise them as either essential or non-essential. A packing list will help with this. There are some things that you just do not want to be packing and unpacking at a new home. For example, it is less stressful to pack the TV and the washing machine if you know that they will fit into your new home.

Make packing easy for yourself

Consider how many boxes of things you have lying around rather than packing up everything in one go.

Decluttering before you move

It makes sense to declutter before you move or you will be moving stuff you do not want. Start with the attic or any storage you have in your home, there is undoubtably lots of unused items you do not want.  You can sell these or take to your local recycling center. Once you have done this go room by room and do the same. Most people will have build up a large amount of stuff they no longer need or use. Do you really want to take all this to your new home?

Decluttering Food

Go through all your cupboards and get rid of any food items or tins passed their use by date. You may be surprised how many you have.

Next go through old kitchen utensils, and just take the ones you regularly use.


While we are not suggesting you through away or recycle all your books, just take the ones you will want to keep and donate the rest to charity or local schools. Books are heavy so only k4eep the ones that hold sentimental value.

DVD’s and other media  

That once proud collection of DVD’s or even videos that are stashed away, do you really need them or even have a player to play them. If not, it is worth recycling them.

Clothes and footwear

Chances are you will have lots of unused or rarely worn clothes. If you have not worn them within the last year or two them you are unlikely to use them again. This can also apply to clothes you have outgrown. Bag them up and donate to charity or clothes bank.

Use smaller boxes when moving

If you use smaller boxes when moving the item’s inside have less chance of moving around, and also smaller boxes are easier to handle. Make sure you fill any empty space with packing to keep thinks from moving, especially important with fragile items.

 Get several quote’s before moving

If like most people you plan to use a removal company or man with a van, get several quotes to ensure you get the best price and service. Ensure the company you select has suitable insurance, should breakages occur.

The cheapest quote is not always the best.


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