Solicitor sanctioned for ‘offensive’ WhatsApp messages

Group chat had around 100 participants
Image via UnsplashThe regulator issued a written rebuke to a solicitor after it discovered that he had posted inappropriate messages to a WhatsApp group.
Muhammed BhurhanUddin sent the messages to a group of approximately 100 members in May 2019. According to a decision by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, (SRA), they were “offensive” and “derogatory about certain individuals”.

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The nature of the group or the content of the messages were not revealed by the finding.
Uddin was admitted on the roll in 2016. He is a solicitor at Capsticks. Capsticks is a national law firm that has been working with the SRA since 2009 as the sole legal provider for disciplinary or litigation work.
Uddin was accused of failing to act in a manner that maintained the trust that the public places on him and the provision of legal service. Uddin was rebuked, and he was ordered to pay PS600 for costs.

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