Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England

Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England

To protect patients and the NHS, frontline NHS staff in England will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid. There will be exemptions for medical reasons and for those who do not have face-to-face contact with patients in their work. He said that there will be exemptions from the Covid vaccine requirement for medical reasons and those who do not have direct contact with patients in their work. “We must prevent preventable harm and protect patients in and around the NHS, as well as our colleagues and the NHS.

He stated that the requirement would be implemented from April with parliamentary approval. Mr Javid said that no unvaccinated worker should “scapegoated” or shamed and should instead be encouraged to make “a positive decision”.

Each of the four UK countries makes its own decisions about the issue. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have not proposed to make Covid jabs mandatory for NHS workers or care home staff. Chris Hopson, chief executive at NHS Providers, stated: “We understand why people might be vaccine-hesitant.

We must have a conversation with them, not beat them around the head. He said that the possibility of losing staff was a “real issue” because the NHS runs on tight margins and relies on staff to work extra shifts. We cannot afford to lose thousands upon thousands of NHS staff in a matter of hours. The logic behind this move is clear – the virus poses a real threat to vulnerable people in hospitals and the vaccine reduces the chance of transmission.

This is a number that has fallen since the pandemic. Staff who waited to retire to help others have seen their numbers drop. The mandatory vaccination for the NHS in England comes into effect on Thursday. Only two-thirds have vaccinated since the announcement. To be honest, I think that people who don’t want to get vaccinated feel that an injectable, which has been thoroughly scientifically proven, is something they are willing to sacrifice their entire career for, it seems foolish. Overall, Mr Ferguson felt that the move was likely to be well received by staff. “If all staff know that everyone else is vaccinated, I mean the majority of them are already – I think it will give you more confidence in your job and possibly from those staff members as well.” He said that he knew of only one colleague who refused to be vaccinated. Care homes will have to refuse entry to workers not fully vaccinated starting Thursday unless there is an emergency or a medical exemption. “I decided that I wasn’t ready to have it yet and it’s my risk, isn’t it?” She told the BBC in September that she had made a decision to not have the vaccine yet and that it was my own risk. Deaths continue to rise week-on-week, with 1,191 reported in the last seven days. Correction: This story has been amended to make clear that Barts Health NHS Trust has the lowest vaccine take-up rate among trusts running hospitals in England, and not Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as previously stated.

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