What are Ekki Mats and when to use them

ekki mats

Ekki Mats are heavy wooden mats made from ekki timber. They are used to create a level surface for construction or to provide traction in slippery or muddy conditions. Ekki Mats are often used in pairs or groups of four, depending on the size and weight of the project.

Ekii timber is usually dark red or violet-brown in colour and is very rigid and thick. These characteristic make the timber suitable for making the strong and durable ekki mats.

What are the pros of Ekki Mats?

  • Ekki timber is able to withstand a lot of pressure on all ground conditions due to its high strength durability.
  • Due to the native tropical timber, ekki mats are very weather resistant. They are ideal for wet and windy weather.
  • Ekki mats have a high electrical resistance.
  • Ekki timber is one of the most acid resistant commercial timbers available.
  • Ekki Mats are easy to handle and transport. They can be moved by a single person, so they are very convenient for large projects that require heavy lifting or awkward angles.
  • The cost of Ekki Mats is quite reasonable, making them an affordable choice for many construction and landscaping projects.
  • Ekki timber is very readily available, meaning there are adequate supplies to match the demand of the product.

What are Ekki mats used for?

Due to the strong and durable characteristics of Ekki mats, they are suitable for a range of uses such as staging areas and access paths.

Ekki mats are often used by civil and marine engineers as road mats to protect the area they are building on passing through from damage by trucks, lorries, bulldozers and heavy machines.

When should Ekki mats be used?

Ekki mats should be used on adverse landscapes covered with weak and uneven materials such as snow and mud. This makes the surface much safer to use. They are also used in landscaping and construction projects to provide a flat and level surface for building or working.

Due to their durability, Ekki mats can be used on sites that may need multiple visits from workers or machines such as roadworks, construction sites, outdoor events and other outdoor work environments.

Ekki Mats are ideal for a range of applications where a high-strength, durable and weather-resistant surface is required.

They are a great choice for construction and landscaping projects of all kinds.

The pros of Ekki Mats make them a popular choice for many construction, landscaping and engineering projects. The versatility and affordability of the product means it is used in many industries and on a variety of sites. Whether you need to create a level surface on your work site or provide traction in slippery or muddy conditions, Ekki Mats are an excellent choice.

Is Ekki timber sustainable?

Ekki timber is eco-friendly as the wood is from a sustainable source.

The Ekki tree grows fast and can be harvested multiple times in its lifetime, providing an ever-renewable source of timber for construction.

Where to get Ekki mats

Ekki mats are available for sale or hire by G J Bog mats. They specialise in timber hardwood mat solutions, including Ekki mats. G J Bog mats are able to supply large or small quantities depending on your project requirements, across the UK.

Ekki mats are an excellent choice for a range of construction and landscaping projects. They are durable, weather-resistant, affordable and easy to handle. If you need a strong, level surface on your work site or require a protective layer for heavy machinery and vehicles to pass over, Ekki Mats are the product for you.

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